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  • Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening for Adults

Tooth Mousse is an excellent Post bleaching treatment.

The whitening process removes protein and moisture from the teeth in the same way as shampooing strips your hair of essential oils and nutrients.

So, just as you put conditioner on your hair to restore its vitality, you need to replenish minerals and nutrients in your teeth after whitening.

Tooth Mousse has been specially formulated to nourish teeth before and after the whitening process, achieving greater vitality and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The teeth may feel or look dry immediately after whitening and may also feel sensitive.

Tooth Mousse

  • Builds a protective film over the surface of the teeth
  • Re-hydrates the enamel making teeth look more vital
  • Prevents sensitivity
  • Delivers essential minerals to the tooth surface
  • Gives teeth a beautiful and more vital appearance

Tips and Advice

  • Using Tooth Mousse before teeth whitening can help prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Continue to use Tooth Mousse for after whitening to add minerals to your teeth and give them a sparkling healthy glow.