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  • Preventing Cavities

Preventing Cavities

No matter what age you are, your teeth can develop cavities.  The disease is dental caries which starts with certain bacteria are able to bind and propagate on tooth surfaces that have not been effectively cleaned.

These bacteria thrive on sugar and fermentable carbohydrates especially when the oral pH is low.  They don’t like saliva, fluoride or Tooth Mousse.  They build sticky glucans structures (plaque) to attract other bacteria and the by-product of their fermentation is acid.  This acid starts to dissolve the tooth just below the enamel surface causing white spots to appear and gradually leading to a cavity when the subsurface is no longer strong enough to support the outer layer of enamel.

Dental decay develops in areas that are not being cleaned effectively and how quickly decay progresses is determined by many factors like frequency of sugar intake, saliva flow and saliva pH.  Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and daily flossing are essential to disrupt the plaque and deliver fluoride. 

Regular application of Tooth Mousse and chewing Recaldent® Gum after meals will help combat acid attacks, prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth for optimum dental health.