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  • Sports People

Sports People

Dont let your sporting lifestyle affect your oral health...

Because sporting activities can impair the defensive systems in saliva and increase the risk of mineral loss from both dental erosion and tooth decay, regular use of Tooth Mousse is an important preventative measure.

Important Dental Considerations

  • Tooth wear can be accelerated by dehydration and acidic soft drinks.
  • More than six hours of laps per week in the pool exposes your teeth to water with a higher pH than saliva, and the risk of a stained smile.
  • A mouth guard used straight after a sports drink exposes your teeth to the risk or decay.

Useful Tips and Advice

  • Visiting your Dentist - Speak to your dentist about the best way to protect your teeth.
  • Brushing - Brush and floss teeth daily.
  • Hydration - Maintain a high level of hydration.
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Tooth Mousse - Apply Tooth Mousse each night immediately before bed, directly onto the gum margin with a finger immediately after toothbrushing. It can be left in place to dissolve slowly during the night, providing protection at the time when the salivary defenses are most reduced.
  • Recaldent® Gum - Chewing Recaldent® Gum is a proven way of increasing the defence system of saliva.
Prevent tooth decay - Recaldent® Gum offers the additional benefits of releasing calcium and other ions which can help to arrest mineral loss and to repair early areas of breakdown. Gum chewing can be combined with some types of sporting activities such as running, cycling and outdoor sports.